Client Portal upgrade release announcement

Release Date: 22 August, 2018 | Press Release

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the APIR Client Portal.

This release continues to improve the functionality available to our clients online, with the most significant changes being to the online forms for registration and management of your products.  


APIR will be updating the portal on the evening of Tuesday 21 August 2018 and it will be available to users the following morning, Wednesday 22 August 2018.

What you need to do:

Access to the portal will be blocked from 6:00pm on Tuesday 21 August and the update is expected to take no more than a few hours. 

There is nothing to download or update, rather when you next log-in or refresh your browser the new version of the portal will be available.

All existing saved or submitted requests will still be accessible and they can continue to be used.

What’s been fixed:

  • Browser compatibility

Whilst the recommended browser remains Google Chrome, the Client Portal will also work in the latest versions of other web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

What’s changed:

  • Product type specific forms


There was only one form covering off all the different product types.


Specific forms have been designed for each of the product types (i.e. Managed Accounts, Managed Investments and Superannuation) with fields tailored to the information that needs to be collected.

  • Online support for multi-app requests


Multi-apps are used by clients requesting bulk registrations, changes/updates or archives. Clients would request a multi-app template from APIR and email the completed spreadsheet back for submission. Multi-app requests were handled outside of the online system, with no ability to track its progress.


The multi-app is now integrated into the Client Portal. Users can download the relevant template from the portal and once completed and ready to submit, they can upload it via the portal for submission and processing. The progress of Multi-app requests can now be tracked on the portal in the same way as individual requests.

What’s new:

  • New layout

The forms are now split into various sections with a ‘rail-track’ progress bar at the top of the form.  This enables users to see their progress while completing the form and easily navigate back and forth to each section by clicking on the relevant section in the rail track

  • Add a cost centre to a product

Account owners can create an alpha numeric cost centre code which can be assigned to individual products by selecting a code from a drop-down list when either updating or registering a product. This allows users to categorise products into groups to help with sorting of reports.

  • Real-time validation

Certain data fields such as ABN and ARSN will validate the data to confirm that it is provided in the correct format, and if the data entered is not valid then a message will highlight the error.

When a form is submitted, any mandatory fields that are missing or incorrect will be highlighted and the form will set the page at the first field in error for correction.

  • Summary page for review

Prior to submitting a form, a summary page will be displayed enabling the user to review all the entered data as a final check.

Following submission, a PDF copy of the summary page is emailed to the user as a record of the request submission.

  • Adding default Third Parties

Third Parties such as Administrators and Custodians can be stored in the Participant Record and these fields will be automatically populated for each product registration.

  • Abiity to update and archive Participant records

Users will be able to update the participant record details, such as default third parties, address and contact details.

If a participant no longer exists, users can archive the participant record, in a similar manner to a product archive.

  • Payment Options

For Registrations and Archive requests, where payment is required prior to the request being processed, users can now indicate on the form the preferred payment method while completing the form. Payment options are either electronic funds transfer or credit card.

Support & Feedback

As always, if you are having any issues with the new functionality, require assistance in completing a form or have any feedback in relation to the Client Portal please contact our Client Services team on +61 2  6284 6800 or