Name Description
ABNAustralian Business Number.
ACNAustralian Company Number.
APIR CodeA unique identifier issued by APIR to products and participants within the Wealth Management Industry.
APRAAustralian Prudential Regulation Authority.
ARBNAustralian Registered Body Number issued by ASIC.
ARSNAustralian Registered Scheme Number issued by ASIC.
ARFPAsia Region Funds Passport.
ARFPNAsia Region Funds Passport Number.
ASFAThe Association of Superannuation Fund of Australia Limited.
ASICAustralian Securities & Investments Commission.
ASXAustralian Stock Exchange.
CSVComma Separated Values(a text file format readable by Microsoft Excel).
FPAFinancial Planning Association of Australia Limited.
GLEIFGlobal Legal Entity Identifier Foundation.
ISINInternational Security Identification Number.
LEILegal Entity Identifier, maintained by GLEIF.
MySuperLow-cost and simple super product for employers to choose as their default super fund.
RSERegistrable Superannuation Entity (fund).
RSE NumberRegistrable Superannuation Entity Number issued by APRA.
SFNSuperannuation Fund Number issued by APRA.
SPINSuperannuation Product Identification Number issued by APIR.
SIS ActSuperannuation Industry (Supervision) Act.
USIUnique Superannuation Identifier used in SuperStream.