Name Description
ABNAustralian Business Number issued by the ATO
ACNAustralian Company Number issued by ASIC
ARSNAustralian Registered Scheme Number issued by ASIC
ASICThe Australian Securities & Investments Commission
ATOThe Australian Tax Office
Direct ParentThe Direct Parent, or "direct accounting consolidated parent" is defined as the lowest level legal entity preparing consolidated financial statements for the entity
Entity NameThe official entity name as shown on the Registration Authority business register
GLEIFThe Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. GLEIF is tasked with support the issuance and use of the LEI. More information about GLEIF can be found at
GLEISGlobal Legal Entity Identifier System
Headquarters AddressThe headquarters address is the location where the entity's headquarters office or principle place of business is physically located
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ISO 17442This standard defines the elements of clear legal identification of the relevant legal identities involved in a financial transaction
IssuedA LEI that is validated & maintained
LapsedA LEI that has not been renewed (i.e. validated and maintained) prior to its renewal date
Legal AddressThe legal address is where the entity is legally incorporated or registered
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)A LEI is a 20-character, alpha-numeric code that uniquely identifies legal entities or structures including companies, trusts and funds
LEI Registration ProcessThe process undertaken by the entity to register for a LEI. When registering the entity must supply a range of reference data that provides the answer to the question of ‘who is who’ (i.e. entity name, legal & headquarters address) and ‘who owns whom’ (i.e. the direct and ultimate parent)
LEI Renewal ProcessTo ensure the high data quality, the legal entity must re-validate the legal entity reference data at least once per year
LOUIs an organisation accredited by the GLEIF to serve as an authorised issuer of LEIs
Registration Agent (RA)A RA assist legal entities to access the network of LEI issuing organisations responsible for performing LEI issuance and related services. APIR is a GLEIF accredited RA partner with Rapid LEI to issue and maintain LEIs on behalf of our clients
Registration AuthorityAn organisation, generally a government agency, that is responsible for maintaining a register of registered entities (e.g. in Australia ASIC or ATO)
Registration Authority Entity IDThe registration number assigned to the entity by the Registration Authority (e.g. in Australia ABN, ACN, ARSN or ORIC)
Ultimate ParentThe Ultimate Parent, or "ultimate accounting consolidating parent," is defined as the highest-level legal entity preparing consolidated financial statements for the entity.